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Let us make your property marvelous!

• Disinfect
• Purify
• Paint

We put a premium on your health & safety


We don't just paint those germs into the wall

Marvel Painters is the only painting company in OC to disinfect areas by UV-Curing, then filitering out the remnant particles before applying paint.

For interior paint we use anti-microbial paint & EPA-registered microbicidal paint that are designed to achieve:

For more information on germ cleaning please visit Marvel Germ Cleaning™ website.

Marvel Painters is a licensed house painting contractor in Orange County

Our teams are highly trained and experienced for those projects requiring special attention to detail.
We are also quite obsessive about the quality of materials that we use in our client's home.

We welcome challenging projects. Here is some of our work:

House painters with experience, integrity, and excellent reputation

When you need an experienced house painter or a crew - call Marvel Painters™ we are a reputable painting company in Orange County. We strive to be the most reliable Residential Exterior and Interior painting contractors in Sounth Orange County, CA. We are licenced, bonded and ensured painting contractors, permitting to paint homes in south (949) Orange County cities.